AFC East Market Share Analysis

The AFC East was supposed to be next week’s division but I had a request on twitter to get working on Dion Lewis’ Field Patterns so I thought I’d bump up the division one week and get it done. The Field Patterns are done but you will have to wait a little longer for me to get to Lewis. I hope you will enjoy this post and especially the last part with the Patriots, their section is a little different from all previous team’s market share.

If you want more information I have examples for the AFC West Here. Let’s dig in!


So this one is simply not going to happen and I want to make that clear right away. I decided later in this post to take a different approach to naming the Wide Receiver 1, 2 and so on to limit confusion. When I say confusion I mean that I put in suggestions for the different spots and nothing is written in stone. But if Watkins can stay healthy and play 16 games as the number one Receiver he will most likely see over 100 targets for 20 % of their entire Opportunity Pool. I am not particularly excited about any Bills player this year seeing as LeSean McCoy’s ADP has gone up drastically from last year and with ageing Running Backs we always have concern.

I am liking the targets Zay Jones might see if he can be their number 2 Wide Receiver. He is currently being drafted as WR62. If I spend the 166th pick on a player that has the chance to see 91 targets I am an extremely happy owner.


Here you see clearer what I mentioned above with the Bills. I did not have enough knowledge about the Jets to make an informed guess of who will be the 3rd Wide Receiver so I left it open to you to decide who will get the 11 % Target Share. You can of course move down Anderson or Enunwa too! Again, as stated above it is always a concern with an ageing Running Back but I still have Forte as the number one guy for now. I think we can see a change in who is the number one back after a couple of weeks, but you will probably get value out of Forte for the first 3-5 weeks. Seeing as you can draft him as RB37 right now, 9 spots after Powell, you can take a shot at him.


I went full Belichick on this one. We can sit and make predictions on who will be the number one Running Back or Receiver all we want but at the end of the day, Belichick hates your fantasy team and will mess it up. I for one have a hard time putting any significant draft pick into any Patriots player at this point, even Gronk. It is too many uncertainties and too much risk. With my Risk Analysis posts during the season I provide risks for different scoring possibilities to try to eliminate as much risk as possible. If you don’t even know who will play or have a similar role at least 10 weeks out of 16 that job becomes much more difficult!

Please let me know in the comments below or on twitter @qalled how you would rank the 6 empty spots.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Dolphins Pre-Game Huddle via photopin (license)

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