Tight End Ceiling Rankings

The Tight End rankings are as they have been for a few years, a one man show followed by who you believe will be the second guy. The same trend continues here even though Gronk has some health issues.

The Market Share Analysis series have with last week’s AFC East post come to an end and instead  csdfantasy.com will have its first PPR rankings with focus on the Running Back position. I had a lot of questions regarding PPR last season so I thought it would be good idea to include rankings based on it this year and I hope you’ll find the information helpful.

For everyone who has shown interest in the CSD Fantasy leagues, more information will come shortly. I will reach out to everyone personally and ask some more questions of what type of league you are interested in and what your buy-in preference is. If you would like to be contacted, write me on twitter @qalled with the hashtag #CSDLeagues

I have previously discussed the Ceiling stat in-depth so if you would like to learn more about the it click Here! Let’s dig in!

TE rankings ceilings** Questions regarding Health and Value

The first player that catches my eye is Julius Thomas. With his Ceiling almost as high as Greg Olsen but with over 100 draft picks cheaper he is definitely a guy I will be looking to draft. When the Ceilings are this closely matched but the ADPs are so far apart I don’t need to know too much about the Floor number. Paying for 1-2 points more in the Floor is simply not worth the draft capital you have to spend to lock Olsen compared to Thomas. The same can of course be said regarding Delanie Walker and Jimmy Graham.

The second player is Tyler Eifert. I feel like we have forgotten about him a little bit with the rise of Kelce, return of Jimmy Graham, Bennett moving to Green Bay, Allen to New England and Cooks to Oakland. With the second highest Ceiling while being drafted after guys that are getting older I see no problem in getting Eifert. I even don’t mind drafting Eifert than maybe drafting Fleener at 191 just for the chance of him becoming something in New Orleans.

Lastly, Charles Clay, the last guy on the list. I view him as a sneaky sleeper. With the an ADP that low and with a pretty talented QB that is in a contract year I think his Ceiling of 10.2 and Floor of 0.7 will rise just a little bit and get him to a top 12 finish. I am not saying build your draft strategy around Charles Clay or even make him your week to week starter, I want to make that clear. I am saying that you could spend the last pick of your draft on him on for the chance of him giving you 5-7 good starts. I don’t mind streaming Tight Ends and he is a guy I will have on my list of guys to stream depending on his match-ups.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: The Brit_2 Garrett Graham via photopin (license)

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