Running Back PPR Rankings

History is being made on the site today. No but, it is the first time we have a post dedicated to PPR. before we dig into the rankings I will discuss how the numbers have been produced and how you should look at them. It is important to remember that all numbers are for any single game, that means that Melvin Gordon’s Ceilings of 21.5 PPR points can happen in week 1 week 2 and week 3.

Quick update on the Ceiling stat. The Ceiling has an 84 % chance of not being reached but a 16 % chance to being outscored. So just because the Ceiling does not literally mean the highest the player can score but the statistically most likely outcome.

With these new PPR rankings I have combined their average Standard Scoring production while calculating a Ceiling and a Floor for the Receptions. The Reception Ceiling and Floor has then been added to the Standard Scoring average to arrive at two different stats. All the numbers are based of the last three years and if the players has not played that long it is from all his games in the league. The sorting is based of the Floor.

For everyone who has shown interest in the CSD Fantasy leagues, more information will come shortly. I will reach out to everyone personally and ask some more questions of what type of league you are interested in and what your buy-in preference is. If you would like to be contacted, write me on twitter @qalled with the hashtag #CSDLeagues

RB PPR 17-32

Gordon’s 2015 season greatly impacts how he’s being ranked on this list. We have seen him being great and seen him being terrible. With Woodhead out the most likely outcome is that he keeps on getting a massive workload but the numbers suggest he should not be ranked too high in PPR.

Sproles was ranked 35th in the Standard Floor rankings and 53 in the Ceiling one. Seeing him ranked as the 26th in PPR Floor is a pretty big jump. For the PPR Ceiling he is on the lower end but would still rank top 30 so that is an ever bigger jump than for the Floor. With Blount being the lead back I still think Sproles can give you a ton of value in PPR especially for the 147th pick in a draft.

RB PPR 1-16

Forte is still ranked this high thanks to the start and middle of last season. I question his workload going forward but he is so cheap right now that I don’t mind getting him in round 10-11 and hoping for a couple of really good weeks early on.

These rankings do not account for Adrain Peterson being a Saint. That is important to keep in mind when looking at Mark Ingram’s placement. I have a YouTube Video coming out on Tomorrow showcasing all the Saints numbers. I will have the full Market Share Analysis and Score Projection so you can see the change in Ingram’s value in a visual way.

I still see Gurley has having a lot of value and especially in PPR. I don’t expect him to finish in the top 5 or anything crazy like that, but I think that a top 10 finish considering his numbers is not too unlikely. His PPR Ceiling is still high enough to keep Lamar Miller behind him and Jamaal Charles’s spot is still too much impacted by the 2014 season. Gurley is at the moment ranked as RB 11 based on ADP and I think that is the perfect spot for him.

T.J. Yeldon is of course not a top 14 player anymore but since rookies are not considered in my rankings he lives on until week 4 when the rookies get’s the projections.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: bmward_2000 Ezekiel Elliott via photopin (license)

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