Quarterback Ceiling Rankings 32-17

Back from vacation in Italy. It was wonderful to refuel but now I am back and have great content coming up before the season starts when we kick into season mode. If you have signed up for a CSD Fantasy League you will this week receive a DM on twitter asking you to answer some questions. It will be much easier for me to put you in a league of your preference if you take 2 minutes out of your day to answer them. When the answers starts coming in you will receive invitations to join your league and get more information about the league rules and so on.

If you are unfamiliar with my Ceiling stat but would like to learn more, click Here! Let’s dig in!

qb ceiling 1

Derek Carr with a 79 ADP is just way too high for me. I think a top 13 finish last year is close to his fantasy ceiling. He had an MVP season and still did not crack the top ten. Seeing that he has a one game ceiling comparable to Andy Dalton, the guy that has been the epicenter of average except one season and Blake “The Interception” Bortles is something that gets me excited. I am actually way more excited to draft Bortles with the 152nd pick in the draft than I am spending the 79th on Carr.

It is difficult to find a guy that gets you really excited here if you don’t play in super deep leagues or in 2QB leagues since most of these guys are way too risky or not good enough to be drafted as a starter in a ten or even twelve team league. Quarterbacks like Tannehill, Flacco and Palmer are guys I could see myself stashing if I feel like my main QB is a little bit more volatile than I would have hoped, for instance Rivers.

I was hype on Winston earlier during the off-season when the Marcus Mariota hype reached its peak and it felt like people did not want to draft Winston. Seeing as his overall ADP now is getting closer to 60 I have turned my gaze elsewhere. I want my Quarterback in the teens so Carson Palmer is my guy in this group. He is also placed as my number 6th guy in the Floor Rankings so he checks all my boxes. Decent Ceiling, check, High Floor, check, late ADP, check!

Carson Wentz if he was to fall down to say pick 160 I would also consider taking him. Not based on his numbers as a rookie buy based on upside. He would be someone that I would feel comfortable gambling on but not with the 140th pick. There are other positions with better return value on at that draft position.

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photo credit: Keith Allison Carson Wentz via photopin (license)

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