DST Floor Rankings

After a lot of issues getting the DST numbers in order we finally have the first DST rankings of the season coming up! I usually like to keep the Floors and Ceilings separate but since we are running a little bit short on time before the season start I will fit all the 32 teams into two posts starting today with the Floor Rankings, and the Ceiling Rankings on Monday. I discuss more below on my feelings on the Floor rankings when it comes to the DSTs (is this what they call a teaser?). Let’s dig in!

In case you are not familiar with my Floor stat click here to read more!

DST Floor 2

Before I start talking about the DSTs I think you should keep an eye on and the ones you should stay away from I want to talk a little bit about the Floor when it comes to DSTs.

Usually when it comes to my top pick at a position I like to have a high Floor and take shots later on in the draft on high Ceiling players or players with unknown factors such as rookies. However, for DSTs I like to get a team with high Ceiling that can get me 1 point on a bad week but help me win one to two games over the season. The reason behind this is that the it is too difficult to predict the defensive stats compared to touchdowns and yards. With that said, the Floor is not as valuable to me but if you prefer a DST that won’t lose you a game and will provide you with a safe 2-3 points every week these are the teams you should be looking at.

DST Floor 1

The Redskins are my absolute favorite team of this group. They rank as number four with an ADP way behind the teams in their vicinity. We know they have talent at the corner position and that we can expect roughly the same fantasy production as DSTs that you have to spend a much higher pick on.

In the same mold as the Redskins I have the Titans. They are a little bit more of an unknown but they play in what I would say is a weaker division offensively. They are drafted in the same region as the Redskins with only a 0.1 point difference in the Floor. The Bengals is of course in this range as well and face two offenses that we know are either weak or an unknown, twice, so potentially four games with huge potential.

I will stay away from the Broncos, not because they are bad but because I won’t draft a DST that early when I have the opportunity to draft a player from a more valuable position. The same can be said for the Patriots and the Panthers. I will of course also make a decision on these teams if I see them drop below their ADP. If I see the Broncos falling 20 picks I will consider drafting them.

I don’t think I have to mention that I don’t think you should draft teams such as the Browns and Jaguars but I will anyway.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Kadath 16-RedskinsVikings-5454 via photopin (license)

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