DST Ceiling Rankings

Last seasonal rankings of the 2017 pre-season! I almost get a little emotional with this. I started CSD Fantasy last year and never thought it would get this much traction it has gotten over especially over the last three four months. I would like to thank everybody that reads and views my content, I love doing the numbers and it makes me very happy that you like them! Thank you to everyone that re-tweets, comments or interacts with me on social media, I have been living in Sweden for a time now and I know my responses come at strange hours but I do read everything you send my way. When the season start I will be available for questions about line-ups at all time and answer as fast as I can with emphasis on Sundays.

If you are unfamiliar with my Ceiling stat but would like to learn more, click Here! Let’s dig in!

dst ceiling 2

The DST Ceiling rankings, sort of the real DST rankings in my eyes. This is where I love to find value for the position. Last year these rankings helped me to find value with teams like the Eagles and Chargers and hope it can help you find similar value this year! Speaking of the Eagles, they have the highest Ceiling while having a perfectly low ADP. They will be my go to DST to go out and get in every league I can no discussion.

I was high on the Redskins in the Floor Rankings but seeing their Ceiling not going above 10 makes me hesitant to draft them. The other team I was high on in the Floor Rankings was the Titans and they fall even further down by having the 3rd worst DST Ceiling in the entire league!

dst ceiling 1

Sneaky good teams to draft and if the Eagles get off to a rough start I will be looking to change them out for the Packers, Buccaneers, Bills and Dolphins since they most likely will go undrafted in at least 10 team leagues and potentially 12 team leagues.

Two teams I will absolutely stay away from are the Houston Texans and the Seattle Seahawks. I got slack for putting the Seahawks at 13th on the Floor Rankings but their numbers over the last three years does not support them being ranked higher. They are a great defense in football but my numbers say they are not a great fantasy defense, especially not for a top 115 pick.

The Texans are not a bad fantasy defense, they rank 8th on the Floor Rankings and 11th here. My problem with them is the ADP. If I can wait just a little bit longer I will consider them since they also get the best defensive player in the league back. Let me wait 1-2 more rounds or have an incredible draft that makes me feel safe to take a shot at an upside defense and they will be my go to defense, otherwise I am sticking to the Eagles.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: bmward_2000 Bells vs. the Patriots via photopin (license)

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