Quarterback Draft Value

Second Position Value post today featuring the Quarterbacks. Since the ADP put the players in their respective rounds the 1st and the 10th round are empty with no Quarterback being drafted there. On Wednesday I will be looking at the Wide Receivers and their Draft Value and Friday will see the 2nd Head-2-Head of the Season with Lamar Miller vs. Todd Gurley. I am really happy with the response the 1st video got so I hope you will enjoy the second one as well!

The purpose behind these posts are to identify the greatest value you can get from each position depending on the round. For instance, you are looking for a Quarterback in the fifth round and you want the Quarterback that gives you the highest Floor. So for all Quarterbacks drafted in the fifth round Andrew Luck has the highest Floor. You will see that some players that have a later round pick will have a higher Floor than someone drafted earlier. This is the whole point, you want to know where you most likely have to draft somebody and the value you will get from him if drafted. Let’s dig in!


Since the Quarterback group is so small it gets very interesting to see how other people value them compared to how I value them based on their Floor and Ceiling. Take Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr for instance. Rodgers clearly has the highest Ceiling and Floor and is ranked as the best Quarterback by the drafters while Derek Carr does not have stats to back up his 7th round ranking. People are drafting him for what they believe he can be and not what the numbers say he is. I can see why people would do this but I don’t think it is a great strategy when it comes to the Quarterback position. If you have a Quarterback that is average but you spent a 7th round pick on him while I spend a 11th round pick on Philip Rivers that I also believe is average, I would hope that I got a better RB/WR/TE in the 7th than you got in the 12th.

I have been saying that I don’t really believe in Philip Rivers this year but with him being the best Quarterback option in the 11th changes my mind slightly. Round 11 is a spot where I start to really look for a Quarterback and if he’s the best one there why not take him? Well, one reason is Carson Palmer goes even later with a higher Ceiling and the second reason is that so does Tyrod Taylor. I was going to go on and on about how much I love Taylor this year but then Watkins got traded and it changed my mind a little bit. I will still rank Tyrod where he is and I will most likely draft him at least one time but I will not be as confident as I was before.
Next Monday the Quarterbacks will be excluded from the “Best Pick Per Round” post since their and the kicker’s numbers impact the rest of the players in a way that it makes no sense in bundling them up together. The positions that will be included are, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends and DST, even though I have a hard time seeing a DST be the best pick anywhere.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD
photo credit: Brook-Ward Matthew Stafford via photopin (license)

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