Draft Analysis 1. 2017

Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year. That is two lines from a show that goes on every new years eve here in Sweden and it fits perfectly for this post. Last year I analyzed my teams and tried to explain my reasoning behind the majority of all picks and I am of course doing it again this year. This is my first draft of 2017 and I am really excited about this team.

This is a 10 team standard scoring league where I had the 8th pick overall in a snake draft. Let’s dig in!

Team 1 analysis

I was hoping that one of the big names would fall to me at number 8 but I knew it was a long shot so I had my sights set for Mike Evans and A.J. Green. Evans went number 7 so Green became my first pick.

Knowing I had one stud receiver so I felt comfortable drafting two running backs in a row and while I was aiming for Freeman and Gurley I was more than happy with Murray and Miller. Miller has as you may know been one of my pet cats this off-season together with the Broncos receivers. Speaking of Broncos receivers, I saw no point in going for receivers in rounds two and three as I was confident that Demaryius Thomas would be there in the fourth and the I also had Crabtree, Landry and Tate left on my board.

So after four rounds I knew I had my starting Wide Receivers and Running Backs locked in and I could draft 100 % based on who was the best pick without any must picks. I got Landry and Tate who I had higher than Crabtree but with a lower ADP after him so the team is stacked with Wide Receivers. After that I took shots at Dalvin Cook and Mark Ingram hoping that at least one of them would become the main guy in one of their teams.

Tyrell Williams and Keenan Allen dropped pretty low so the same as with Ingram and Cook, one of them will most likely pan out and I can drop the one who doesn’t.

I am not sure that I will keep Darren McFadden but we know how good that Cowboy’s line is so if I can get one or two good weeks from him that will be amazing, but he is probably the guy to go for a DST before the season start if I’m not 100 % sure that he will be the main back in Dallas for six weeks.

I was eyeing Hunter Henry as my Tight End but McFadden took his spot so I had to settle for Bennett who was my last option basically with the QB position in Chicago still a little to shaky for me but otherwise I would have drafted Zach Miller.

I had my sight set on Carson Palmer all draft long as he had one of the highest Floors combined with an ADP that was perfect for a Quarterback pick. I showcased how much I liked Palmer in the Quarterback Value post earlier, he was the best late round QB in my rankings.

Wil Lutz even though his sample size is on the smaller side he became my Kicker. I decided to take a shot with him and ignored DST all together. I will evaluate the team before the start of the season and make an appropriate cut depending on health, form and upside before I add a DST. The Eagles are on the Waivers so I am planning to pick them up as my DST to start the season.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Lucas Patrick via photopin (license)

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