Season Content Preview

We have had a packed off-season with crazy amount of different content! I would like to take today’s post to discussing the content that will show up every week here on and on the YouTube Channel. At the end I also list all the off-season content so you have a chance to find things that you might have missed that can help you win that darn fantasy title! Let’s dig in!


Statistics Analysis (Tuesday)
The Tuesdays after Game Day will have a post reviewing all projections and numbers for the played games. The post will look at the numbers I provided heading into that week and look at how accurate the Projections, Floors and Ceilings were that week. To me this is an extremely important aspect of CSD Fantasy. I started this to have a transparent website where the reader know why I project certain numbers and to know how I actually fair.

Top 5 Wednesday (Wednesday)
Top 5 Wednesday is a new concept that will mainly be on the YouTube Channel. I will post the Videos here too but they will not be accompanied by text since I will be talking during the Video. The Video is a classic Top List Video with different Fantasy aspects such as “ Fantasy Surprises from week 1” and “Potential big games over the season”.

Score Projection and Risk Analysis (Thursday)
My Score Projection and Risk Analysis post continues from last year. I provide all my numbers heading into the week. I Project the player’s Score, Floor, Ceiling and Risk Level based on my algorithm that I have improved even more since last year. This year the Projections will feature Home & Away, Win Percentage, NFC & AFC and Opponents elements to improve accuracy.

Head-2-Head (Saturday)
Head-2-Head follows the same structure as last year. I take two players that have similarities in ADP or Fantasy Scoring and look at their performance from different viewpoints. I will look at things such as Home vs. Away performance, Score Projection, Floor, Ceiling, Performance in different areas of the field and much more!

The big difference with Head-2-Head this year is that it will be in the form of a Video instead of charts and text. I am trying to move over to be 50 % Video and 50 % written content and I hope everybody enjoys that!

In case you have missed any of the off-season content you will find links below.

Team Specific Score Projection Videos
Team Specific Score Projections (Written)
Floor Rankings
Ceiling Rankings
Market Share Analysis
Draft Value Analysis: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Combined

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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