Draft Analysis 2. 2017

Second draft of the season and I don’t know what is going on but I feel like I am drafting crazy good teams. People seem to be valuing some players a lot differently than I do. Players that I felt went way to fast in this draft was Marshawn Lynch in the second, Jordy Nelson in the first, C.J. Anderson and Doug Baldwin in the third. When people draft these players that I have way down my board I might be overconfident in my team in the case I have done a mistake, but assuming I did the same as last year I am confident in my rankings.

This is a 10 team standard scoring league where I had the 2nd pick overall in a snake draft. Let’s dig in!

Team 2 analysis.jpg

Well not much to say about the second pick overall. Ezekiel Elliott is still uncertain which meant David Johnson became my second highest ranked running back and second best pick in the first round after Le’Veon Bell who went number one overall.

Ajayi is actually the pick I am least happy with, let me will elaborate. I like to pick in the first rounds with only the Floor in mind and Ajayi does not have the career Floor to warrant a Position Ranking of 5 but when you remove his 2015 season and consider his incredible Ceiling I got lured into drafting him. I am not saying he is a bad pick but I wanted y’all to know that I did go away from my usual strategy here. Transparency towards You, the reader is everything here on CSD Fantasy.

If you have seen my Lamar Miller vs. Todd Gurley Head-2-Head Video you know I prefer Gurley and getting him in the third is gold to me. He has a mark on him as a bust from last year and I think people are really undervaluing him in 2017. With my first three picks I believe I have three of the seven best Running Backs at the end of the season.

The reason I feel comfortable drafting three Running Backs is that I know that Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery or Michael Crabtree will be there for me when I get to the fourth round and fifth round. I feel great about getting DT in the fourth as his ADP told me I needed to pick him before Alshon even though Alshon’s Floor is higher than DT’s.

Drew Brees finished out my safe phase before I started taking some chances. Brees was incredible value in my mind though. I usually don’t pick Quarterbacks that early but when Brees fell to the sixth I had to pounce.

Hill and Landry are their teams respective number one Wide Receiver and both are talented so no problem picking them where I did. Especially not Hill who I ranked as a Top 15 Receiver in my Floor Rankings.

I filled out the team with Hunter Henry who I wanted in my first draft, the Eagles and Wil Lutz who I love to gamble on.

McFadden, Tyrell Williams and Golladay are shots I am taking hoping that the first might pay of the first 6-7 weeks and the other two later on in the season.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: bmward_2000 Line Of Scrimmage via photopin (license)

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