Draft Analysis 3. 2017

After being way too high on myself after my second draft of the season I am back down to earth after the 3rd one. I made some questionable decisions and felt like I overvalued some rookies and made my Quarterback pick way too early when I ran out of time. Preparation is key and I was not prepared for two of the rookies I picked to fall to me and I should have been more prepared with a replacement or a better valuation of where I would feel good about drafting them.

This is a 12 team 0.5ppr scoring league where I had the 2nd pick overall in a snake draft. Let’s dig in!


Team 3 analysis

Great start to the draft with Antonio Brown, my highest ranked Wide Receiver at number three. I was hoping that I would get Bell or DJ here but very satisfied with Brown. He has the highest Score Projection of all Wide Receivers this season and the highest Floor so no debate on who I was taking there.

At the second pick my highest ranked player on the board was T.Y. Hilton with Dez Bryant right behind him. With the uncertain physical situation of Andrew Luck I went with Bryant. I feel ok with this pick even though T.Y. had a little higher Floor, without Luck I don’t feel comfortable with him.

At the third to seventh pick is where things got crazy. Fournette and Mixon became options for me later than I would have expected but I don’t usually like rookies this high (unless they are Ezekiel Elliott behind the Cowboys O-line). With the two rookie Running Backs I felt the need to load up with guys that have the potential to be the lead back in their team or that has produced in the past. So these two pick forced me to draft some players I am not too high on like DeAndre Washington, Forte, Perkins and Foreman. These players though could potential give me one or two RB 2 weeks in the case one of my rookies fail completely. My thought process on these Running Backs are; Washington: Lynch might get hurt as he is getting older or not last the entire season, Foreman: Miller could perhaps lose some snaps to him when Foreman gets healthy again, Perkins is the lead back for the Giants so even though he’s not the best he has a chance to get points and Forte could potentially have a couple of good weeks and I like the Kearse pickup with his blocking skills.

I took shots at Taylor Gabriel and Mike Williams. Not much to say, I have been in a twitter war with Gabriel this off-season and thought hey I might prove me wrong. Williams has a guy that loves getting hurt in front of him and have a great Quarterback so if he can come back to full health he could be a great guy to have down the stretch if I don’t need to replace him before that.

Love my last two picks, highest ranked Kicker and highest ranked DST, can’t get much better than that at the end of a draft.

This is the last Draft Analysis of the season, on Wednesday the Score Projection series starts with all the projections for week one with probabilities so keep an eye out for that!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Green Bay Packers via photopin (license)

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