Score Projection and Risk Analysis W5

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, since we now have played a quarter of the regular season rookies will now have their own Score Projection that is based on the first fours games. However, players who have only played one game will be excluded in today’s Projections. For example, it looks like Aaron Jones from the Packers is looking to have a big workload but since he has only played one game he will not have a Projection for this week. Other than those players I have of course excluded players on Bye-Weeks but in the case that I have missed someone who you would like to know more about, hit me up on twitter @csdfantasy and I will add you player(s) to my database. You can also hit me up if you would like to have Projections and Risk Analysis done for you team or if you have two players you are picking between I have some great numbers to help you decide. Let’s dig in!


Score Projection Week 5

These are the five players I have chosen to highlight this week. The reason for this is that they are pretty high-profile players with a low Projection or extremely high Risk.

Evan Engram has seen 30 targets so far so he has plenty of opportunity but I am looking to get a little bit more than 5 points out of my starter. This is season has been terrible when it comes to Tight End scoring but I still believe that you can start someone better this week, for example Jason Witten has a 5.7 Projection with 77% Probability of out scoring more than that.

Same can be said of Jimmy Graham, I want a higher Projection even with that fairly high Probability. It should also be noted that the Rams have been better than average when it comes to covering Tight Ends this season and usually plays pretty darn good against the Seahawks.

Tavon Austin might not be the biggest profile but I had to put him on this list considering that he had a 100% Risk of not reaching his Projection. It will be interesting to see if Austin can get a little bit more involved as the season goes on but considering that the Rams offense had one of its best games last weekend and he ended up with 4.6 FTPs I have my doubts.

DeSean Jackson wants to be more involved but as Jameis Winston said, “Mike has given me reasons to love him”. Jackson needs to give Winston something to work with and maybe this is the week against a weak Patriots defense but I still have him as extremely Risky even though he has a high Projection. Be very vary!

If you need to be cautions with D. Jax I don’t really know what to say about Landry, be Cutler? I honestly thought that Cutler would at least be bad with the Dolphins but terrible I did not see that coming. If I can I am benching Landry this weekend. I gave him a chance against the Saints thinking it would be a perfect opportunity for him to get back on track but now I have given up until the Dolphins offense shows something.

For All Week 5 Score Projections and Probabilities Click Here!

Press ctrl+f to search for a player. You can also tweet me @csdfantasy for individual players risk or score projection. New thing from last week is a sorting option for you, I hope this will add value to everyone!

If you would like Projections and Probability done for your entire team, tweet me @csdfantasy with a picture or list of your team and I will make sure you have it before kickoff on Sunday.

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photo credit: Brook-Ward Tyreek Hill Scores via photopin (license)

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