ROS RB Rankings & W7 Analysis

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, first Rest of Season Rankings post of the season and we start of with the Running Backs. Today I am moving away from the Waiver Wire a little bit and focusing more on the Running Backs I value the most for the rest of the season. This will be the Top 15 Running Backs based on One Game Floors and One Game Ceilings. With that I have two ranking lists for each category. This is a good helper if you are looking to trade up to get a more valuable Running Back, for instance someone wants Le’Veon Bell, what do you need to replace him going forward.

I will be looking at the other position groups as we move forward but if you want the Waiver column back let me know on twitter @qalled and I can fit it in to my schedule. Speaking of schedule, tomorrow is the day of the new Top 5 Video, this time I am focusing on the Top 5 Running Backs so far and their Running Patterns. Let’s dig in!

ROS Ceiling Rankings
RB Ceiling Rank

The Ceiling is the most amount of points I can expect a player to have on a given week. For instance, I don’t expect Ezekiel Elliott to score over 31.4 Fantasy Points even his best day. There is always a possibility that a player will out-score the Ceiling but, there is only a 16 % chance that it will happen for every player, subsequently there is a 84 % chance that he will score below the Ceiling.

I don’t think that you find this list full of surprises cause I don’t. We have the top five backs when it comes to Fantasy Points in the league ranked the highest with Gordon following before there is a bit of a drop-off. Speaking of Gordon you will see just how unstable he is as a fantasy player when you look below. He can give you that massive game and follow it up with a complete dud. I dislike to have players like that on my team and much more prefer the stable kind but hey, all can’t be Alex Smith 😉

ROS Floor Rankings
RB Rank Floor

The floor is the least amount of points I expect from a player when he has his worst game. There is only a 16 % chance that he won’t reach this number, so I am fairly sure to get this amount of points ever week.

Elliott was dominating this list heading into the season so he has seen a massive drop-off while Gurley who I was so excited for this year has really got back to the promised land. Seeing Freeman so high on the Floor rankings catches my eye. I feel like with the Falcons offense struggling somewhat he has fallen a bit under the radar. I will look into trading for him right after I have finished writing this post.

Statistical Summary

I made 383 Projections with Probabilities for Week 7.

I measure with 30 % accuracy, meaning if a player scored under his projection but the probability was 30 % or above I failed or if a player had 70 %  probability but scored above his projection I also failed.

Out of the 383 Projections and Probabilities I had 324 Correct and 59 Incorrect. That means that 84.6 % of all the numbers I provided gave you a Great opportunity to plan your fantasy line in Week 7.

Last week I had a 88.1 % hit rate on my Projections so we have had above last year’s average of 76 % three weeks in a row and we will keep staying above it more and more!

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Like and Re-tweet, everything is appreciated!imageedit_1_9253545623

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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