Score Projection and Risk Analysis W8

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, keeping with the Running Back trend of this week I am showcasing the five highest Projected Running Backs down below. In yesterday’s Video you also can find below I break down the running trends of the five highest scoring Running Backs so far this year. In case you are interested in knowing exactly where a player runs the best or how many touches Todd Gurley needs to score a touchdown I know you will find something that helps you in fantasy. Let’s dig in!

Score Projection Week 8

Elliott has the craziest Projection in Week 8! I revised it somewhat to the Video from yesterday but it still has a crazy high Risk and around 20 Fantasy Points. Washington has given up 16.4 FTPs on average to Running Backs and this is rookie season Zeke with the Cowboys O-line woken up again. My own thoughts above here about the how he looks and the O-line does as usual not impact the Projection which is only based on performance and not on my opinion.

Detroit give up even more points on average to Running Backs than Washington but Bell has not been as good on the road against non division AFC opponents at or above 0.500. He is much more likely to reach his Projection, around 50 % Probability is pretty alright for a Projection that high.

Hunt is way to good for a Running Back that was not supposed to be a starter and with a team that was not supposed to be this good cause their Quarterback, who now is playing on an elite level. To think about it, there are a lot of things about this Chiefs team that was not supposed to be, but they are fun and they produce fantasy points!

With the removal of Adrian Peterson Mark Ingram made a Top 5 list! Can it be that the talking fantasy heads have been right all along, is Ingram good but just needs more carries? His Risk is still very High compared to the other guys, but if I own him I am starting him this week against Chicago who give up 16.4 points on average to Running Backs.

I said on Tuesday’s post that I would try to trade for Devonta Freeman, that did not work out but I at least got to put him in this post. Going forward I am very excited about Freeman and this week against Jets that give up 19.8 points on average to Running Backs I believe he will do really well. Freeman has been playing well against opponents from the AFC with a 0.500 or above record so this seems like a great week for him to play well again.

For All Week 8 Score Projections and Probabilities Click Here!

Press ctrl+f to search for a player. You can also tweet me @csdfantasy for individual players risk or score projection. Don’t forget that you can sort based on first name, Projection, Probability of outscoring the Projection and Risk of not reaching the Projection.

If you would like Projections and Probability done for your entire team, tweet me @csdfantasy with a picture or list of your team and I will make sure you have it before kickoff on Sunday.

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