ROS QB Rankings & W9 Analysis

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, I hope you are adjusting to the change of time (unless you live in AZ and don’t have summer time), welcome to winter time, where I have lived for the last week. Continuing this strange season with DeShaun Watson getting injured and Mike Evans getting suspended, only thing left is for Zeke to get suspended and Carson Wentz to get hurt. Some quick updates before we get into this week’s numbers. In tomorrow’s Top 5 Wednesday Video I will analyze the passing trends of the five best fantasy Quarterbacks this season. On Thursday we have the Score Projections as usual and on Saturday I am looking at Drew Brees vs. Matthew Stafford in CSD Head-2-Head. Let’s dig in!

ROS Ceiling Rankings

The Ceiling is the most amount of points I can expect a player to have on a given week.

After a slow start to the season Russell Wilson is slowly working his way up the Quarterback rankings. He has been lights out the last two weeks and his one game Ceiling is incredibly high even compared to the other massively talented Quarterbacks on this list. If you are looking for That game, Wilson is the guy for you. Hoyer before he got benched was not a terrible Quarterback at least not in the Ceiling rankings, however his Floor is not near the top 15 below. I want to also highlight Jared Goff real quick, he has a pretty high Ceiling and is just outside the top 10 down below. Keep an eye on him in fantasy in the upcoming weeks.

ROS Floor Rankings

QB ROSThe Floor is the least amount of points I expect from a player when he has his worst game.

Prescott is ranked second in the Ceiling rankings and third in Floor. That shows why for me his is the best fantasy Quarterback going forward. He is followed closely by Carson Wentz and Alex Smith (a sentence I never thought I would write). Mariota who was not present on the Ceiling list has a very high Floor so if you have an unstable team composition you might want to look into Mariota for some stability. He can be a great option in DFF if you need the Quarterback to be a stable provider while the rest of the team is highly volatile.

Statistical Summary

I made 301 Projections with Probabilities for Week 9.

I measure with 30 % accuracy, meaning if a player scored under his projection but the probability was 30 % or above I failed or if a player had 70 %  probability but scored above his projection I also failed.

Out of the 301 Projections and Probabilities I had 249 Correct and 52 Incorrect. That means that 82.7 % of all the numbers I provided gave you a Great opportunity to plan your fantasy line in Week 9.

Last week I had a 84.7 % hit rate on my Projections so we have had above last year’s average of 76 % five weeks in a row.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Carson Wentz via photopin (license)

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