WC Weekend Analysis & Football Thoughts

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, a weekend full of upsets, great football and not so great football. I am running a little low on fantasy related numbers at the moment so I thought that instead of presenting numbers I would instead give some “real” football thoughts. I will discuss some topics that has been in the news lately and give my opinion on them. There is still of course the usual breakdown on how last week’s numbers performed at the bottom of this article. On Thursday however numbers are back with Score Projections and Risk Analysis. Let’s dig in!

The Alex Smith Situation
I have no idea how this discussion even came to be, I mean he just came off his best season yet where we even discussed him as a potential MVP candidate. How can moving on from Smith be the first thing you go to when something goes wrong, I still feel that this season was a huge step in the right direction for the Chiefs and I say let Smith keep the reins for at least one more season unless Mahomes already is better than him.

The Mularkey Situation
How can a franchise handle a situation this badly? I know in soccer information like this gets leaked all time like this, but that is usually regarding a team that has lost six games in a row and they want to see a win in the seventh or else. This was a coach that lead them to the playoffs and one game further should not make that big of a difference. If the reports are true that it would be better if Mariota called all the plays, then yes fire him, the game should not change that. However, if all you needed was one win to change your mind, something is very dysfunctional to begin with.

The Dez Bryant Situation
There has been talks in Dallas what to do with Bryant and some of it just seem ridiculous. Last thing I heard from the Cowboys own writers they had a suggestion of forcing Bryant to take a pay-cut or get cut after June 1st. This according to them would force him to take the pay-cut due to other teams salary cap would be spent by then. This is the most dangerous plan I have heard for keeping a player and reducing his salary. Bryant would have left Dallas if he was not shown the “correct appreciation” for what he has done. If they played him like this he would take the pay-cut and leave. He might not have been all he can be over the last two season but don’t forget that Prescott is not as good of a thrower as Romo and that it takes longer time to build a relationship for some QBs and WRs than others.

Statistical Summary

I made 70 Projections with Probabilities for Wild Card Weekend.

I measure with 30 % accuracy, meaning if a player scored under his projection but the probability was 30 % or above I failed or if a player had 70 %  probability but scored above his projection I also failed.

Out of the 70 Projections and Probabilities I had 57 Correct and 13 Incorrect. That means that 81.4 % of all the numbers I provided gave you a great opportunity to plan your fantasy line-up for the Wild Card Weekend.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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