Score Projection and Risk Analysis Divisional Round: DFS Special

Hello Fantasy Faithfulls, I hope you enjoyed my change-up this Tuesday with more focus on opinion instead of numbers! However, if you prefer my articles that revolve around statistics I am sure you will enjoy this one. I have as always crunched the numbers to provide you the Projections, Probabilities and Risks heading into this week’s DFS match-ups. I have been really into showcasing my own DFS lineup over the last couple of weeks so that will continue today. I think it is a pretty good way to get a small sample of players to talk about. Don’t miss out on my hype Video down below, I know you will love it! Let’s dig in!


Div Round Score Pro

I have no idea how this lineup is even legal? Let me start of by saying that I feel that Ginn, Walker and Henry are criminally low-cost players, anyone of them has the ability to pop off in the Divisional Round and be one of your higher scoring players for a fraction of what the others go for.

I was initially eyeing Matt Ryan as my Quarterback but as it became clearer that I was going to have plenty of money over and Brady had far superior numbers over the entire season. The stuff that has been going on in New England does not impact my decision or that Matt Ryan has looked hot the last couple of weeks. This is the playoffs, this is where Tom Brady lives.

I made the opposite decision when it comes to Running Backs, I initially had Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry as my starters when I saw the opportunity to trade up and get Freeman I went for it and moved Henry down to Flex. I love my Running Back trio and I am confident in racking up a bunch of points. I want to point out that I did not put Henry into my lineup due to last weeks game, he had the highest Points Per Dollar rating and was slightly cheaper than Dion Lewis so he got to stay.

Antonio Brown has over the season had the most dominating numbers in the league. There is no other player at any position that has that big of a gap down to the second best player. I really wanted him in my lineup and pairing him with Ginn feels amazing. I have an incredibly stable player in Brown and a high risk high reward player in Ginn. Great value for my dollar in this duo!

Walker is my favorite fantasy Tight End. He is underrated in every aspect in my opinion. He provides stable numbers while other fantasy players overlook him so in draft he falls and in DFS he’s cheap. Perfect Tight End for a lineup like this with a bunch of superstars.

Why not pick the best defense out there in combination with my highest Projected Kicker with the money I got left? It is however low-key counterproductive having the Kicker against the DST I have. I am banking on the Steelers still putting up some points while the Jaguars gets a bunch of picks and sacks, fingers crossed it works out.

What do you think about this lineup, would you change anything or do you like it and can see yourself use it this weekend? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @csdfantasy

For All Div. Round Score Projections and Probabilities Click Here!

Press ctrl+f to search for a player. You can also tweet me @csdfantasy for individual players risk or score projection. Don’t forget that you can sort based on first name, Projection, Probability of outscoring the Projection and Risk of not reaching the Projection.

If you would like Projections and Probability done for your entire team, tweet me @csdfantasy with a picture or list of your team and I will make sure you have it before kickoff on Sunday.

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